Apology for “Catholics!”

While trying to express my amused befuddlement over the concept of Catholic saints, I said some stuff that in retrospect sounds rather snarky to my ear. Sigh.  My better judgment consistently trails my mouth (or my fingers in this case) by about 48 hours.

Nobody complained to me about it or anything.  It just struck me late last night as I tried to put on my sympathy hat and imagine how I would read what I had written if I felt the way that some Catholics appear to feel about their saints, that it might sound disrespectful and insulting.

I’m truly sorry about that, and I’ve amended the post accordingly.


2 Responses to Apology for “Catholics!”

  1. Ron Belgau says:

    Actually, I got a huge laugh out of your comment about people praying to saints for a parking place or whatever it was that you said. I thought your comment rather perceptively described the range from seriousness to frivolity to be found in Catholics’ devotions to the saints.

    But I can also see how it might be taken badly by some. But I was not offended in the least.

    – Ron

  2. Hi Ron! 🙂

    I’m glad I made you laugh, and I’m even gladder that I didn’t offend you. I didn’t expect that I would–after all, you know me, and we’ve talked about saints before, so you know where I’m at on that.

    I just found myself wondering “What would my grandmother think of this sentence?” And it seemed to me that she wouldn’t find it very amusing.

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