In-laws + Anniversary + Family Vacation = Blog Silence / Temporary Comment Hold

So, more crazy busyness here.  My mother-in-law and father-in-law left on Wednesday after spending a week with us, which meant that every moment from opening my eyes in the morning to closing them at night was spent hostessing, activity planning, chauffeuring (actually “chauffeusing,” I guess), cooking, tour-guiding, entertaining, etc.  After a day to recover, run errands, and franitcally pack, we hopped in the car yesterday and drove 12 hours to my parents’ house.  From which we will set out momentarily for a week on the beach with my family, without internet access.

(During that time, we’ll be celebrating our first anniversary.  Yes, it is scintillatingly lame that we will be in a cottage with my parents and grandparents and sister for that occasion.  When my dad invited us to join them for this week, we were ambivalent.  But ultimately, given that we can’t afford a real vacation of our own, we decided to take them up on their offer and just make do.  We’ll figure out ways to escape and/or enjoy ourselves, I’m sure.)

Anyway, all that’s just to say that I’m temporarily putting all comments on hold. does a pretty good job of winnowing out the spam, but there was some trouble last week, and I’m sure as soon as my back is turned…you know how it goes. 

To all the beautiful people who have sent me nice emails recently (and/or left me friendly comments and/or added me to their blogrolls) I love you and I will get back to you and reciprocate appropriately as soon as I can. 


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