Irvine and Other Stuff

June 23, 2007

A bunch of folks have asked whether I will be in Irvine next week, for one reason or another. 

Alas, the answer is no.  I know I told some people last year I was sure I was going to make this year my first Exodus Freedom Conference.  And then the bXg conference would have simply been the icing on the cake–with a chance to meet the Christine Bakke (as seen in Glamour and on Good Morning America!!!)  But it’s just not going to work out.  Finances are tight, and neither Mr. DM nor I can really spare a week now .   If we could, we would take a vacation with it.  (I’m sure I would get a lot out of the various conferences, but I don’t think they would be especially relaxing or recreational for me, and Mr. DM would just be bored silly.) 

For those who are going to be there, Peterson asked if I would mention his open invitation to Exodus leaders to join some “ex-gay survivors” for dinner on Friday, June 29th.  The link is to the invitation, you can read more there and RSVP if you so desire.  I’ll be honest–I do have mixed feelings about it.  But…if it were me I would go.   


On a side note, I have been alternately wildly busy and completely exhausted.  So I apologize for the even worse than usual delays in replies to emails and comments, and I will deal with them as I can.  “Real life” is real crazy right now. 



June 5, 2007

Box Turtle Bulletin links to a YouTube video of Scott Lively (of The Pink Swastika fame) in Riga, schooling the Letts on how to combat The Homosexual Menace to the Family in their own country.  Plenty creepy throughout, but the end part is what had me in tears when I watched it this morning.  (Yeah, I noticed the link when it was first posted a couple days ago, but some things should be saved for a Monday morning, so they don’t ruin the good parts of life, and gay-hating venom is one of them):

Now I’m going to tell you how this movement works.  They always begin by teaching that homosexuals are born that way and cannot change.  This is very, very important to them.  Because if you believe that homosexuals can’t change, then you will have a lot of sympathy for their condition.  And everyone will see them as a victim whenever society tells them they must act normally.  And so, the number one most important thing, the absolute…the most important thing to do is teach the nation that homosexuality is not innate. 

This organization is called Exodus International, you can go to it directly or you can go to it through my site.  There are thousands and thousands of former homosexuals who belong to this group.  Every exgay is living proof that homosexuals can change.  And one of the most important things you can do is start an exgay movement here.  This [pointing to NARTH url] is a large network of doctors and therapists who treat homosexuals. These are professional men and women who care about helping homosexuals recover.  One of the most important things you can do in Latvia is begin teaching the fact that homosexuals can be cured.

I literally feel like throwing up every time I reread this. 

My story–my life–is NOT a weapon.