Excellent Mother Jones Article on Orientation and Fluidity

Hey, yeah I’m back.  Real posts will commence shortly–I’m kind of waiting to see what the deal is with the Jones and Yarhouse Study.  (Oh wait.  That news just in.  Well, I’ll post this and go read that next!)

 But in the meantime, check out this article by Gary Greenberg: “Gay by Choice? The Science of Sexual Identity.”  I don’t know, maybe I’m just in a sunshiny mood today, but it seemed surprisingly smart and thoughtful to me. 


4 Responses to Excellent Mother Jones Article on Orientation and Fluidity

  1. Karen Booth says:

    DM, thanks so much for the link to this Mother Jones article. Really interesting stuff. And I also agree that it’s smart and thoughtful.

  2. Karen Booth says:

    If anyone else has read/is reading it – could we get a thread going to discuss it?

  3. ned says:

    Hi there! Hope you’re doing well.

    Just to give you the flipside, here is a site you might want to check out as well:

    It’s a pro-queerness site that also takes a “choice” perspective.

    Personally I’ve always affirmed my bisexuality as a choice, and think that sexuality and gender are fluid, something that’s been recognized by the Indian Tantric tradition for thousands of years.

  4. Yeah Ned, I’ve really enjoyed that Queer by Choice site a lot over the years. I never really thought of my sexuality as a choice (atlhough once I got over the initial rough years, I would have happily chosen it). And it certainly didn’t seem fluid for my first six or so years on this path. But the older I get, the less sure I am.

    I do wonder how big the male/female split is here. I think it’s fairly common for us women to slide back and forth, to experience a sense of fluidity and “options.” (Although it shouldn’t be overestimated–I’ve known a lot of women who have struggled painfully as exgays.) I hear some men testifying to fluidity, but at least in our culture it seems to be much rarer. But I wonder how much of this is hardwired, and how much is the influence of the culture.


    I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m not sure when/if I’ll get a chance to discuss the article, but please feel more than free to share your thoughts here on this thread.

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